Video Editing Services

If multiple hours are required,over 10 hours, the per rate can drop to 16.25 per hour

Our policy to You !

 On every video  coverage, we give all of our clients, the option of using there own soundtracks, to give their video/DVD a personal preference... 

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Our General promotion reel.

With direct audio line feeds, for clear sound.

With, extensive post-production video editing.

We provide coverages for all occasions.

Other  videos :

Diplomatic Awards - 16x9 -Scroll down mid page 

P.S.Y.C.O. Concert                                "

Verde Concert                                      "

Bar-Mitzvah Service                           "

Bat-Mitzvah Service                           "

Liturgy Catholic Service

Old Comics Home - 16x9

Homegoing Service

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Our Daily Focus


Is to always to work with our clients, to develop an edited video masterpiece​.

Which they will be proud of and can relive time, after, time... 

These goals are PARAMOUNT...

Our Goal


At A/B Video, we never forget, this is YOUR  video...

All post-production services, including video editing and DVD authoring is done in our Culver City, CA facilities.

And, with us;   You are the Boss and you are entitled to get what you want.

" We, are Negotiable... "


Our commitment, to you, is to,



And,  to design an editing package to fit your budget,

is First !

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