DVD Duplication

For quantities over 120 DVD copies, rates can drop as low as, $ 2.00 each ...


For quantities over 120 DVD copies, per DVD rate can drop as low as, $ 2.00 each.

For FULL color paper labels, add $ 3.00 for quantities of less than 10 DVDs.

For FULL color paper labels, add $ 1.00 for quantities of more than 50 DVDs.

For Full Color direct print lables, with Tyao Uden hub printable disc, add $ 

7.50 each. For quantities less than 10 DVDs.

For Full Color direct print lables, with Tyao Uden hub printable disc, add $ 2.00 each. For quantities more than 50 DVDs.

For a Tyao Uden 100% durable DVD, add $0.50

With our DVD and Blu-Ray duplicating equipment, we can make multiple, digital, identical copies, that can be played-back on a conventional DVD or Blu-Ray disc player.

We constantly focus on quick turn-around, of all of our projects. Which means, on most duplication runs, we can turn-around your DVD or Blu-Ray in a matter of four hours, or less.

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Example of a single camera Bat Mitzvah induction ceremony video coverage.

This a sample of what we can provide for YOU !

All of our video coverages, utilize a direct audio line feeds, for clear sound.

We provide coverages for all occasions

Other Videos:

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Verde Concert

Bar-Mitzvah Service

Bat-Mitzvah Service

Liturgy Catholic Service

Old Comics Home - 16x9

Homegoing Service

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Our Daily Focus

AB Video Productions in Culver City, specializes in DVD Duplication. Quick turn-around is our primary focus. Most projects, can be turned-around in less than five business hours.

On every one of our duplication projects, we utilize Microboards duplication towers, that assure that everyone of your DVD copies are identical, in every way.

Through-out our DVD Duplication services, our post-production artists are committed providing their professional expertise with gracious detail, to get you high quality and a low price.   

These goals are PARAMOUNT.

Our Goal


At A/B Video, our professional videographers, always focus on capturing memories of your special event. Serving all of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey and surrounding cities.

Our daily focus is quick turn-around, since we do DVD duplication from a single DVD master disc on premises, in Culver City.

And, with us;   You are the Boss and you are entitled to get what you want.

" We, are Negotiable... "


Our commitment, to you, is to,

always, "AIM TO PLEASE".

And,  to design a production,

post or conversion package

to fit your budget,

is First !

(310) 649-3236

(310) 649-3236

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