BetaCam SP to DVD

Depending on quanity, Analog BetaCam transferred to DVD, per tape rates can drop as low as, $ 30.50 each ...

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Example of a single camera Wedding video coverage

This a sample of what we can provide for YOU !

All of our video coverages, utilize a direct audio line feeds, for clear sound.

We provide coverages for all occasions.

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Our Daily Focus


Is to always to work with our clients, to develop a analog Beta DVD transfer service.

All work, including our copy Beta to DVD transfer services are done in our Culver City, CA facilities.

In addition, our location allows copy BetaCam to DVD transfers for all cities, from Los Angeles to Colton.

These goals are PARAMOUNT.

Our Goal


At A/B Video, our professional wedding videographers never forget, this is YOUR  video.

All post-production services, including video editing in and DVD authoring is done in our Culver City, California facilities. Serving Santa Monica, Torrance and the Marina.

And, with us;   You are the Boss and you are entitled to get what you want.

" We, are Negotiable... "


Our commitment, to you, is to,

always, "AIM TO PLEASE".

And,  to design a production,

post or conversion package

to fit your budget,

is First !

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