Wedding Videography

Multi-Camera Packages, are available.

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Multi-Camera Packages, are available.

Perfect for Weddings

Multi-Camera Packages, are available.

(310) 649-3236

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Our Wedding promotion reel.

All of our video coverage's, utilize a direct audio line feeds, for clear sound..

With, extensive post-production video editing, for a concise, professional look.

We provide video coverage's for all occasions.

Other  videos :

Diplomatic Awards - 16x9 -Scroll down mid page 

P.S.Y.C.O. Concert                                "

Verde Concert

Bar-Mitzvah Service

Bat-Mitzvah Service

Liturgy Catholic Service

Old Comics Home - 16x9

Homegoing Service

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Example of a TWO Camera Opera Concert service video coverage.

With direct audio line feeds, for clear sound.  And extensive video editing.

We provide coverages for all occasions.

Diplomatic Awards - 16x9 -Scroll down mid page 

Old Comics Home - 16x9            "               "              "

Verde Opera Concert                   "               "              "

Bar-Mitzvah Service                     "               "              "

Bat-Mitzvah Service                     "               "          "

Our Daily Focus !

On every video  coverage, we give all of our clients, the option of using there own soundtracks, to give their video/DVD a personal preference...

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Our Goal, is to capture your precious memories.

In all of our video production services, from a Cinematic Wedding videography coverage to a DVD Authoring session, our videographers and post-production artists are committed providing their professional expertise with gracious detail.

Our videographers work vigorously through-out YOUR special day, from the very first hello, to the very last good-bye, to capture every memorial ever-lasting moment. We are based in Culver City, which means quick-turnaround plus an edited DVD, you will enjoy, time, after, time.

Creating a video memory, for YOU, is our passion.

With US, we never forget this is YOUR digital video coverage.

And, YOU are welcome out to our facility in Culver City. There YOU have the option to decide the outcome of your video.

With us, YOU are the Director and the Utmost Boss !

All work is done on our premises at AB Video Productions in Culver City.

From Wedding Videography to VHS to DVD transfers to DVD duplication and more...

"We are negotiable"


Our commitment, to you, is to,

always, "AIM TO PLEASE".

And,  to design a production,

post or conversion package

to fit your budget,

is First !

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


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